Impetuous Ritual will tear your soul apart!

There are times where you need ‘it‘. And by ‘it‘ I am referring to those sounds of sub-vexation that open up doorways to other worlds. Times where you need to exit this mere mortal plane and take the step into the vast chasm that stands before you and fall into the void itself. Completely swallowing all light and embracing the speedy descent into the depths of darkness. There you will find Australia’s Impetuous Ritual greeting you with otherworldly blasphemies and the crawling horrors of the unknown.


Impetuous Ritual are ghastly members comprised of other devotees and worshipers of said void. Primarily Portal and Grave Upheaval. Where as the other two have their own left hand paths they have carved out for themselves, Impetuous Ritual dwell somewhere in the nether regions spewing forth obscene and disgusting death metal. Taking queues from bands such as Incantation, Immolation, and the ancient spells of Morbid Angel, IR have soiled upon past successful rituals to the adversary and warped it beyond anyone’s imagination. If you were to fall asleep tonight and dream of something worst than Hell itself, you would awake to IR’s newest album “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience.”

The opening track “Void Cohesion” is like standing right in front the immense and yawning gates to a world without hope. It is the sound of imminent and pre-ordained mental torture. Where as other bands aim to warp your mind to hymns of ancient ones and cosmic terror, IR are pure and undiluted desolation. To be able to perfectly follow the macabre concerto of “Blight…” would be nothing short of somewhere between total genius and absolute madness.  Upon listening to this album the first quarter of the album is like experiencing all the horrors and fear of the world at one blinding second. By the time songs such as “Synchronous Convergence” and “Sullen” blast through my stereo speakers, the message begins to become more clear. At best, I personally feel like I have been in a trance for the previous half an hour. That’s not putting anything in a negative fashion either. For me it’s a positive. I WANT to be lost in the absolute hellish noise. I WANT to be engulfed by the absolute darkness that bands like Impetuous Ritual are about to craft cohesively and methodically.


The last half of “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience” is where you might find yourself becoming desensitized to the mental torture Impetuous Ritual have done to you. By reaching your pain threshold, you plead to these deathlike apparitions to experience more blasphemous delights. The last track “Intransience” is a machinated memorandum of dementia presented as a last will of a non-living testament. The longest and most precisely concocted hymn of despair. An anthem of total extinction of life itself.

There is an old saying when dealing with the occult. And I am sure the members of Impetuous Ritual have taken this to heart; one is not born into the darkness, instead they are drawn to it  like a monolithic magnet. Enter the void and seek out “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience.”

Impetuous Ritual‘s newest album “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience” is available June 16th from Profound Lore Records. You can pre-order the album here as well as follow the band on their official Facebook page.


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