Artist Spotlight: Neill Jameson of Krieg

Neill Jameson: He makes beautiful family-friendly music. I can assure you.

This is something really special that I am glad I got the opportunity to do: Decibel Magazine ranter, Krieg frontman, and all-around black metal father figure Neill Jameson is having a rather busy summer. On top of just releasing a new side-project Poison Blood thru Relapse Records, he just recently announced that he was re-releasing music from Krieg as well as new music from other bands under his new label, aptly called Black House Industries. So in light of all those releases, I decided to do an artist spotlight reviewing the releases he’s been hacking away at. Starting this spotlight will be the first release under his record label. For the uneducated, this isn’t the first time Neill has released music under his own record label. He originally ran Blood Fire Death Records starting in 1998 and unleashed a slew of releases by artists such as Xasthur, Loss, Demoncy, Pest, Archgoat, Lugubrum, and a few others. Fast-forward to 2017; in typical Neill fashion, he announced the first release of Black House Industries in a rather bluntly and sarcastic-like fashion that he is known to . Already he has one release that is going to get the ol’ razzle dazzle treatment on his label. Me being a long time fan of Mr. Jameson was granted the honor of reviewing these various releases. Admittedly, I started boofin’ pretty hard whenever I got the promo(s) in my Gmail account. But enough of my fanboy nerding-out and let’s see what jamz he has prepared to be shat in everyone’s ear canals during this extremely humid and stormy summer shall we?

Future TerrorWe’re All Fucked (2017) Black House Industries


First up we have the very first release on his new label which is Future Terror, a Hardcore Punk band based out of Richmond, Virgina. Without listening to the actual music and judging by the artwork, I already knew what I was in for: Hardcore Punk in the vein of Discharge/Tragedy/Extreme Noise Terror/Doom(UK). I’ve been on a bit of a Hardcore drought since last year’s excellent “Never” LP by Withdrawal. That album and the new Integrity LP are the only albums that have registered on my radar in the past year or so when it comes to that specific genre. But within the first 10 seconds of the wonderfully and sardonically-tiled “Conned By God,” I am lost within the noise. Not in a bad way by any means. Whenever I loose myself in music, it’s always a good thing. It’s there that I personally feel at peace with the current tense climate of a dysfunctional society. Understanding that the UK-influenced US band might not exactly be doing anything as outside of the box as Withdrawal pulling in post-punk/goth rock influences, or even Integrity dabbling in black metal influences. But then again I’m not some stickler for needing something original each and every time I listen to a new band. Hell, I am just happy there are still bands like Future Terror carrying on the traditions and ethos of the UK noise-making bunch and act like they have a sense of urgency. An urgency that screams either play riffs or die and get the fuck out of the way.  Especially when you take into account with a song title such as ‘You Think You Are So Special.” A total un-PC iron fist-in-the-face of modern-day society. Bottom line: This is the shit I like and would highly recommend these jamz to anyone who is needing a good shot of adrenaline-speed Hardcore Punk. Definitely made for those who are still pissed at the last Amebix album for not being crusty enough or not sounding like it’s 1985. “We’re All Fucked” will be released this Friday, September the 8th and is limited to 100 copies on clear yellow cassette w/1.5″ pin.


KriegSono Lo Scherno (2017) Inferna Profundis Records

Originally recorded in 1998, but never released until 2005, “Sono Lo Scherno” was meant to be the follow-up to the first Krieg album “Rise Of The Imperial Hordes” but for whatever reason, frontman Neill Jameson decided to keep it in the vaults until sometime later. To be completely honest with this one, I had a copy of this I got waaaaaay back in 2008 or 2009 that I purchased but I never got around to fully listen to. I’ve been very familiar with Krieg since first hearing the US Black/Thrash band Blood Storm name drop them in Slayer ‘Zine issue #15 in the early 00’s. Outside of that trivia bit about myself, I couldn’t give you a legit reason or excuse why I never listened to this album. As I am writing this, I’m experiencing it for the first time, and I’m legit a bit blown away by how it sounds absolutely nothing like what Krieg is known for, especially from the time period it was originally written. It’s weird because listening to this now in 2017, it sounds completely alien yet familiar. There are parts that sound like old-school Krieg as far as the raw production goes. There are a number of samples and ambient passages that provides moments of unique atmosphere among the 90’s Profanatica/Judas Iscariot/Beherit/Bestial Summoning riffs.  The song “Ruin Under The Burning Skies” is not what one might be thinking of in connection of what is found on the legendary “The Black House” LP. It’s the polar opposite. Even some of the song titles such as “Maelstrom,” “Plague Waltz,” and “Hypnotic Decay” sound as if they would be found on an 80’s Thrash album. That’s not an insult or slur, it’s just something I wouldn’t expect from the creative demented mind of Neill Jameson. The entire album for the most part is a giant curve-ball. It’s also noted that this indeed was part of the early years of Krieg and to see how far Neill has come as far is nothing short of the making of one of the father figures in the USBM scene and genre overall. After having enough time to listen to this and take everything in, there is something strangely luring about this album. The more I think about it, the more I am becoming more and more favorable to this offering from Krieg. There’s also a killer fucking Nunslaughter cover included. Overall, it’s something unexpected. It’s different, yet it retains a lot of familiar traits that Krieg is known for. I would definitely recommend this for die-hard Krieg fans and not someone who just picked up a copy of “The Black House” or “The Isolationist.” If you’re like me being someone is more familiar with past Krieg albums and experiencing this for the first time, go into it with an open mind.  “Sono Lo Scherno” will be released on September 25 on Inferna Profundus Records. Pre-orders are up on the label’s official store and can be found here. 

Poison Bloodself-titled (2017) Relapse Records

a1717948515_10 (1)

I had been meaning to review this album earlier before it was released. Long story short: I was busy with my first Noisey piece and learning the ins-and-outs of becoming a legit freelance writer took up some of my time from making an honest attempt to review this. Seeing how the news from Neill came about, I decided to go ahead and add it on to this as an artist spotlight moment and rectify that issue. Also seeing how much output Mr. Jameson does, it’s falls into the add-on department of this particle review article. Poison Blood‘s self-titled album is probably the rawest thing Neill has done in a good while. It’s a collaboration with Jenks Miller of Horseback that deals with the obsession that Neill Jameson has with the desert landscapes and all the mysteries that lie within the shadows of the wastelands. If anything should be noted is how much ground these two beautiful bastards are covering in such a short time frame as far as a release goes. It clocks in under 19 minutes, but what they accomplish is a perfect balance of both the ugly, depraved, and beautiful. The album starts out right out of the gates of nanna with the song “The Scourge And Gestalt” which is almost like The Velvet Underground covering Beherit in total Rudimentary Peni -fashion; psychedelic, dirty, seductive and black-as-fuck. The Beherit influence is so apparent and so well-done that quite honestly Poison Blood is really the album that Beherit should have done in between “Drawing Down The Moon” and “Engram.” While I don’t dislike the Beherit electronic/ambient albums, if this were an alternate universe that existed, Beherit would have fared better in that that era of their music had they gone the route and played more in the vein of what Poison Blood does. Past the Beherit-isms, what really sticks out the most is the psychedelic textures of the album. The Moog synths of Jenks Miller adds the entire “desert vibe” that Neill Jameson said he was going for with this album and his fascination with it. At one point (“The Flower Of Serpents”) it makes rember all the great ambient synth pieces by Burzum, Neptune Towers, and Era 1 of Mortiis. That’s not to say it’s a rip-off of 90’s Norway, but ambiance-wise for myself it makes me wanna break out all those Casio keyboard songs that were at one point a legit thing within Black Metal. It’s well-rounded and tastefully done on how they really mix it extremely well with the dirty blackened guitar style. If anything it leaves you wanting more. Having just listened to Krieg‘s “Sono Lo Scherno” LP pior before deciding to add this review into the article piece, this side-project seems like a future cousin of it, only slightly less deranged but fucked-up nonetheless. It’s just another testament to how Neill Jameson is able to spread his wings over different types of side-projects and bands and cover so much ground, including past side-projects such as Twilight(RIP), Le Chant Funebre, N.I.L., and a host of others both active and defunct. It’s also a testament that for all intents and purposes, Neill’s words and blackened heart has always been strict dedication in producing some of the more interesting moments in the US black metal geographical location amidst the muck that gets slung around on other Metal news websites.  You can order Poison Blood‘s self-titled LP from Relapse and they also have some killer band merch as well. 

There is also the announcement of the re-issue of the 2013 out-of-print demo from New Jersey’s Hardcore sons of darkness The Banner as an upcoming release for Black House Industries. Anything else Neill decides to release either through Black House Industries or elsewhere will definitely be supported and spread here at Esoterica Codex. If you would like to give Neill hails, do so by checking out and clicking ‘like’ on the official Black House Industries Facebook Page. And if all else fucking fails and none of this interests you, go buy some shit from Neill Jameson on so that he can purchase cat food and kitty litter for his cats. Friendly reminder tho: Just don’t invite them to like your band.


Enter Conqbine’s world of violence and prepare to fucking die.

20918_465105096973050_5748503092118052417_n (1)
“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…”

And that’s all there is to Delaware’s trio of crusty/post-black metal sounds of general misery and nastiness. I mean, I could go into detail and all the gory bits about just how downright disgusting Conqbine is? I’m sure you’re reading this JUST to be told to fucking die? Right? Ok, ok, I’ll get on with these rather misanthropic jamz that would make Mike Williams of Eyehategod cult it up by donning an Appalachian Noise Records t-shirt.

Conqbine (for the most part) seriously do not care about you as the listener.  They want you to feel all the pain and suffering…their particular pain and suffering and they want you to suffer in anguish with them. There’s nothing fake or weird about that. I personally can’t think of a single artist that have completely made me a fan of them without massacring my mind and shattering my sanity along with it, therefore sending me into a padded room via-H.P. Lovecraft style. And this is the kind of music that unflinchingly doesn’t care to do the same again even after I’ve successfully completed my last inpatient therapy/treatment. With only two demos under their belt, Conqbine is a confirmed convicted felon that is ready to batter and assault the senses to send me and the listener back to therapy for possible PTSD flashbacks.

2015’s “Let Them Die” EP

Starting with their 2015 “Let Them Die” E.P., this is the heavyweight bruiser of the deadly duo of releases from Conqbine. 5 really professionally-mixed songs of out-right misanthropy. It’s not squeaky clean-sounding but it is beefy and audible enough to know that these guys are serious in their strong mixture of Crusty-Post-Black Metal. Imagine the likes of Tragedy, Krieg, with the bitterness of Thou and the effects of Neurosis and you wouldn’t be too far off from pinpointing the the lethal dosage of Conqbine’s sound even though they aren’t their direct influences(at least to my best guessing). With lyrics such as “If I were a god, I would kill you all,” off the song “Bastard” vocalist Erick Baker remind you of your insignificant existence and would swallow your fucking soul if he could. The song “Jettisoned” slows it it down to a funeral-like dirge but stays on the droning/chugging side rather than go at it and try to be another lame Sleep-worship clone that is currently clogging up the underground these days.


2015’s schizoid nightmare “Into A Void Ever flowing” EP

Into A Void Ever flowing” EP is where the blackness just oozes right thru the fucking speakers. This is where the beefy and “good production” of the first demo goes right out the fucking window and now we are getting down to what sounds like a straight-up well-produced lo-fi black metal demo. Again, it’s the same band but the first song “The Spine Of A Giant” is nothing short of what one could possibly find off Xasthur’s “The Funeral Of Being” or possibly “Telepathic With The Deceased” LPs. There’s a weird vocal effect on Eric Baker’s that is present on this digital-only-available demo that gives this particular showcase of fucked-up blackened jamz a serious Thorns(Norway) vibe as well. And the second song “Personal Non Grata” it’s seriously enhanced and gives the music a massively schizoid quality and rather detached feeling from reality itself.  “An Hourglass Vacant” is a look into the CPU brain of a robot with Alzheimer’s. Total and complete breakdown of an electronic brain into absolute dementia.

Conqubine just recently announced that they are going to re-release both of these EP on a compilation LP in the form of limited edition cassette tape via Appalachian Noise Records and are currently planning on putting out their first full length album. You can expect me to review it and be the first to read about it here first. In the meantime, pull out your debit cards and get on this band. It’s completely worth all the mental suffering that you will endure.

You can listen to both EPs at their official bandcamp page, and follow Conqbine on their official Facebook page. Also you can order their compilation cassette tape here.

2017 Album Releases That You Should Definitely Not Skip Over

Taking a break away from my ranting and usual sort-the-shit-out in the complaint department, let’s talk about the one good thing about 2017 that we can all look forward to and that is the steadily upward trend of all-around damn good album releases that seems like it’s gotten and stayed this way since roughly 2010. For the people who are cynical, pessimist, skeptical, and stuck-in-their-ways, or for the person who is wanting to search out that next extreme… could possibly benefit and learn from this list. Here are some releases you definitely do not want to miss out:

Death WorshipExtermination Mass (Nuclear War Now Productions)

By the time you have read this, NWN head honcho Yosuke Koshini will have probably at least sold out of the die-hard version of this LP, but that won’t stop him and shouldn’t stop you from haulin’ butt over to the labels webstore and dropping your hard-earned cash for this new side-project featuring the ever infamous J. Reed and members of both Conqueror and Blasphemy. That right there is all you need to know. If anything I will say this almost takes me back to that same feeling when I first heard the game-changer of a split that was Conqueror/Blasphemy‘s “Hellstorm Of Evil Vengeance” split and dare I say at times, even much fucking rawer than Revenge. This is definitely the cream de la cream of the Ross Bay Cult hordes!

Official FB page
Official Bandcamp page

Disma – The Graveless Remains
 EP / Profound Lore Records (March 24th)

After unleashing one of the best OSDM albums 5 years before it became a somewhat cool thing to do and all the controversy since then, Disma crawl back from the megalith to unleash some more dank-as-fuck death metal for all of us still pulling out all of our Earache/Peaceville Records on a regular basis. This time in the form of an EP but at this point I ain’t bitchin’. Peep these jamz and empty your bank account here

Official FB Page

Evoken – title not yet announced/no official release date (Profound Lore Records)

This one I wish I had more information on seeing how Evoken really is one of the oldest and best Funeral Doom bands from here in the states. No official word on neither the album title nor release date which was a gigantic cock-tease BY record label Profound Lore considering when they also announced this year new releases by Artificial Brain, Disma, Impetuous Ritual, Krieg, Pallbearer, Pissgrave, Portal, etc. So definitely keep your eyes and ears open for not just them but mainly for the vast majority of Profound Lore’s artist roster.

Official FB Page

Goat Disciple – Wolfcult Domination (Early Summer Release)

This band name has been poppin’ up on my FB Newsfeed for the past few weeks. It was definitely due to a certain writer of Decibel magazine and a dweller of the black house that urged everyone to check it out which this gentleman has never steered me wrong as far as recommendations go. Bottom line; Goat Disciple is almost TOO fucking good. Some really nasty bestial-style blackened death metal. Salt Lake City-based and that’s really the only information that is out there. Just that, and two killer fucking trax on their official bandcamp page and an official FB page. Follow and support!

Official Goat Disciple FB page.

LossHorizonless / Profound Lore Records (May 19th)

Last we heard of these US Death Doom-mongers was roughly 7 years ago with their amazing debut “Despond.” And now they have have crawled out of the shadows to dim the lights a lot lower and unleash their 2nd album aptly titled “Horizonless.” Featuring guest vocals by the lurking Mr. Jef Whitehead aka WREST of Leviathan, Stevie Floyd of Taurus/Dark Castle, and Billy Anderson. In the meantime, Profound Lore Records have uploaded a nice little teaser trailer for the upcoming release. Prepare to be silenced and completely overcome again…

Official FB Page