Chaos Moon’s final plan to provide the soundtrack to a failing world with “Eschaton Mémoire.”

Chaos Moon is a band that for those that are perverse and who follow and dwell in the void below SHOULD know by now. If not at the very least have at least some knowledge about. And that’s based on primarily on the key players in the band who have their filth spread and soiled various spots in said underground void. Two of which being Guitarist Alex Poole (Esoterica/Skaphe/Krieg/Lithome/Martrod) and vocalist Eric Baker (Conqubine/Mantheren). We’ll get more onto these two primary musicians in the band later. But for now let’s focus on WHY Chaos Moon is and should be very important for all maniacs of all shades of the absence of light.

First the title of the album “Eschaton Memoire,” can be dissected into many different meanings. Here’s my two cents and personal interpretation: The perspective that this album gives is all summed up with the concept of “the end’. The final omega. The conclusion. Does this mean the band itself will witness it’s own demise? Not at all. If anything it’s the acceptance and embracing of the nothingness and the lack of it substance and form it contains. Only in that spot does the band and possibly listeners will find some sort of closure or peace and accept it’s own mortality. We all have to take that final step into it. Chaos Moon holds it’s chilling, boney hand out to take and guide us. Like Buck Dharma of the legendary band Blue Oyster Cult sang once; Don’t fear the reaper!

Now onto the music itself which is a miasma of plague-inducing riffs, passages of melancholic atmosphere, and deafening-inducing drums that help paint that portrait of the futility of existence. Let it be know for the fucking record that guitarist Alex Poole is by far one if not the most accelerated/advanced guitarists in Black Metal. Not just the North American scene by any means. He’s up there next to other virtuosos of black metal velocity and trailblazers such as Jef Whitehead (Leviathan/Lurker Of Chalice/Twilight), Snorre W. Ruch (Mayhem/Thorns) and Tom G. Warrior (Celtic Frost/Triptykon). In fact I would definitely put him in this current generation of musicians who are tampering and blurring/burning the current lines of black metal guitar playing. Not to hog the spotlight by himself, we also have vocalist Eric Baker who is able to appear on this particular album. I have heard Mr. Baker’s vocals in his other projects, but I think the combination of his vocals and Alex Poole’s riffs gives the music an new dimension of infinite possibilities. That and the music itself gives Mr. Baker more room to stretch his larynx to it’s maximum output more-so than Conqubine. Which don’t take that as a slur or insult because I legit enjoy Conqubine. But with Chaos Moon, Eric Baker is pushing himself and the result show of his abilities and possibilities to be more recognized and justifiably so.

Speaking of the devil himself, Jef Whitehead lends his amazing artistic abilities to paint another horrifying vision of  everything that man fears. Let’s take a look shall we?

Chaos Moon
Dali-esque nightmare provided by none other than Wrest a.k.a Jef Whitehead.

Clocking in at 40 minutes and 33 seconds, “Eschaton Memoire” is an LP that drags the listener through a chasm of riffs, synths, drums, screams, and everything that makes Black Metal worth listening to in the first place. It’s quality music that makes you face the failings and fuck-ups of this modern world and the sickness of it all. The complete miserable on-going process of suffering all processed through the hallucinogenic prism are felt in both the two-part songs (“The Pillar, The Key” and the title track) which respectfully adorn the beginning and ending of the album. The second song and middle part of the album (“Of Wrath And Forbidden Wisdom“) represents this beautifully depressing calm that brings a sense of joy and adoration to the entropy-like process. The breaking-down. The rot and decay that gradually deteriorates everything to a stench-inducing muck and slime.

On a personal note, not too many black metal releases have caught my attention this year outside of a few including old guard-defending FIN with their “Arrows of A Dying Age” LP and Drowning The Light‘s “Varcolaci Rising.” Chaos Moon ranks comfortably in between those mentioned as a highlight in 2017 as far as jamz to fuck with and an album that should get more recognition that it has already just based on it being a example of how to do modern-day Black Metal correctly.

Eschaton Memoire” is now available on vinyl via Fallen Empire Records . You can pick-up a physical copy of it here at Chaos Moon’s official Bandcamp page. You can listen to it digitally via Apple/Spotify/Youtube. Also, follow Chaos Moon via Facebook and give them hails as well as voicing how much you hate Bobby Walker. Because fuck Bobby!


From the Plutonian planet of the Yuggoth comes Tchornobog’s self-titled album.

Can we get one thing out of the way first? The album artwork.

maxresdefault (1)
That. Fucking. Eye.

It just downright creeps the ever-living blue fuck out of me. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get right into the music of this bad-boy. A one man band created by Ukranian Markov Soroka, Tchornobog isn’t exactly a band that is going to be re-inventing the rules of Black Metal. But what he does with this debut album is a hellish combination of Deathspell Omega and Napalm Death. That’s about as close as I can come to describing this outer worldly monstrosity.

The self-titled album only delivers 4 tracks. The first is fucking 20 minutes long. I have heard some people say “Spare me the long intro”, but for me I’m a patient kinda dude when it comes to music like this. Especially if I’m listening to this at 12:30 AM in the middle of the night whenever my fiancee is asleep and all the animals are curled up. It gives me the chance to fully take something like this in. Even the song titles alone; “I: The Vomiting Tchornobog (Slithering Gods of Cognitive Dissonance)” and “IIII: Here, At The Disposition of Time (Inverting A Solar Giant)” take a good amount of concentration to let your imagination get its gears turning properly. At least for me that seems to be the case.

The music contained in the album itself has many peaks and valleys much like what is shown visually on the album artwork. For such a huge album it’s a lot to take in. Tchornobog has the ability to appeal progressive/outside-of-the-box thinking metal nerds. I don’t say that as an insult seeing how I’m a sucker for albums such as “Operation: Mindcrime,” “Nothingface,” “Human,” etc, but this one is a bit more challenging. Tchornobog‘s self-titled album is a constant-changing riff terrain that demands your full attention. Mind you this is one of those albums that does automatically hits you right off the bat, but it’s still an album that I know will take many repeated listens just to get the mapped-out feel of the almost alien-like landscape. It’s a fucking maze of riffs ( and torment too!). One second you get the blastbeats, the next you get a really doomy breakdown, etc. But the way Mr. Tchornobog goes about arranging all of the riffs and compositions is actually a good contrast to say Germany’s own The Ruins Of Beverast. Where TROB are more doomier, Tchornobog adds in the extra little bit of Death Metal elements here and there. Not a lot, but enough to make the music more beefier and dissonant in some parts.

For all intents and purposes, this is mood music. I don’t see this album inspiring an ever-growing legion of fans who are going to be praising Mr. Soroka to ad nauseum any time soon. More like this is an album for the individual to sit back, and unlock doors in the mind that leads them to wherever. As space-y and nerdy as that sounds, that’s all I can really used to describe it. All and all, it’s a creepy fucking album, complete with crawling eyes and maze-like riffs.

Tchornobog‘s self-titled album is now available on Fallen Empire Records for digital release. I-Voivdhanger Records will be doing a limited edition CD pressing. Other than that, you can follow the one man band at his official Facebook page or his official Bandcamp page.